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Why You Need to Go with Cloud Azure or AWS ?

13th Apr 2020
| admin |

Digital experience is an inseparable aspect of a brand’s experience.

From online banking and food delivery, to healthcare service to eLearning, to the delivery of government’s services, and beyond – everywhere you can see the difference that the quality of digital experience makes towards a brand or government’s success and end-user’s satisfaction.

Adoption of Azure, AWS (Amazon Web Services) or other reliable cloud computing platform with built-in AI and machine learning and IoT capability, has become the need of the hour to meet the expectation of demanding consumers.

Whether you are a consumer of IT-enabled business solutions, an IT services provider, or an IT professional ambitious about career growth, no longer you can overlook the potential of Azure or AWS.  Here are FIVE key reasons behind this claim.

1.  Impatient consumers are to rule the economy

Consumers are most likely to discontinue business with a bank, OTA (online travel agency), etc., or citizens are to feel alienated from a government that fails to deliver a seamless web or mobile experience. Moreover, today’s consumers are impatient and have less attention span. They can’t wait for an application to run slow or respond with a delay. They are highly sensitive towards their privacy.

Whether you are venturing with a start-up, spearheading a Fortune 500 Company or empowering your citizens, you need to deliver a great user experience (UX) through your digital platforms. The applications must serve the audience with the right information. and help them perform their job with utter simplicity.

2.  Competition is to go intense only

In a hyper-connected world, consumers are just a click away from your competitors. Hence, when it comes to the execution of an idea, you have to be on a war footing. Azure or AWS platform helps you reduce TTM (Time to Market) of your innovative product and capture the market before the competitors even think to do. Build mission-critical apps with a fully managed database in no times. Quickly deploy and scale web or mobile apps created with popular frameworks like .NET, .NET Core, Node.js, Java, PHP, Ruby, Python, or Xamarin, in containers or running on any operating system. Add cognitive abilities to your apps with built-in API and have an upper hand in the competitive economy.

3.  A higher degree of accountability is a must

Dream yourself to be an owner of an eLearning platform. Your subscribers or students will obviously need support while going through the course materials. What if their queries or questions are not answered on time? You might have hire good subject-matter-experts to answer their queries but how would you ensure that they would cooperate with the students sincerely? Azure or AWS cloud computing model helps you build a platform where you can track the actions of consumers and your people or departments with sign-in or multi-factor identification. Doing so, you earn the trust of subscribers or customers which, in turn, helps you push consumer loyalty.

4.  Volatile economy is a new norm

The demand and supply for products or services in a connected market has become highly volatile. From government’s policy, unexpected weather conditions, to disease outbreak, and beyond – there is no end to the list of factors that influence the market or economy. Taking advantage of a flexible Azure or AWS-based IT platform, you can upgrade or downgrade the subscription to make your applications respond to the emerging needs efficiently.

5.  Decision-making is critical

Multi-channel communication with end users leads to huge data accumulation. Leveraging the analytical attribute of Azure or AWS cloud platform, you can make the data work for you. Learn new things and unlearn what is outdated by using the intelligent analytics. Customize your application dashboard to know the quality of engagement your digital platform has over desktop, mobile or other targeted platforms. With actionable data or insights, take significant decisions required to make your delivery system more efficient, more usable, and more purposeful.

Get acquainted with the Microsoft Azure or AWS capabilities regarding the deployment, configuration and administration of cutting-edge applications. SpireTec Solutions has customized Microsoft Azure and or AWS training and certification courses to keep you on the edge of the competition. Request a free quote today.

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