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What Makes Microsoft SQL Server Certification a Must for DBMS Professionals

16th May 2020
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Microsoft SQL Server is one of the top RDBMSs (Relational Database Management Systems) that the world has known so far. SQL Server made its way to the Gartner Magic Quadrant for the sixth year in a row in 2018. Statista ranked SQL Server 3rd on its list of database management systems in 2019 after Oracle and MySQL.

Find More Career Opportunities

Every web or mobile application from food delivery to banking to taxi has its database. Often different user-groups create, read, update and delete data using a language statement. This set of actions is collectively referred to as CRUD – Create, Read, Update, and Delete – functionality. The easiest way to manipulate a relational database is to submit Structured Query Language (SQL) statements to it.

Successful completion of Microsoft SQL Server training and certification course is your gateway to IT career opportunities in the functional areas of IT Software – Application Programming, Maintenance.  Popular profiles and average salaries are mentioned as follows:

Job Profile or Destination Salary Range (USA)
SQL Server Backend Developer $50k – $102k
SQL Server SAS Analyst $49k – $95k
SQL Server Production Support Engineer $55k – $97k
SQL Server Database Administrator $46k – $111k


Attract Head Hunters

The possession of Microsoft SQL Server Certification is testimony to your expertise of working with this leading RDBMS. This creates a difference to the mind of hiring professionals between you and the rest who do not have it.

SpireTec provides a comprehensive Microsoft SQL Server training to help you understand database structures, theories, principals, and practices. Learn to design, analyze, develop, troubleshoot and maintain SQL stored procedures, databases and related utilities as required under the supervision of experienced faculty. Get extensive knowledge of SQL Server production support, integration services, reporting services and server analysis services. All this enables you to come with a flying color of the SQL Server interview rounds.

Microsoft SQL Server training and certification course"

Gain Workforce Efficiency

Our technology training on Microsoft SQL Server has been instrumental in increasing the efficiency of our clients representing sectors as diverse as IT, healthcare, power and energy, Internet, and beyond. Our customized training helps corporate to reduce their operational cost without sacrificing the quality of service. It’s key to their success against all odds.

Retain Top Talents

Investment in corporate skill development and enhancement instils a positive vibe in your employees. It helps you retain good talents, who are most likely to contribute more to the growth of the organization. It also helps you to drive innovation in what you design and develop. Many human resource surveys and studies hand found that employees love to stay in a company when there is scope of learning and development. Satisfied employees are more vocal about their brands.

Live Out Your Entrepreneurial Dreams

Our training and certification course on Microsoft SQL Server has served as catalyst for many. You can live out your entrepreneurial dreams once you have a sound command on SQL Server. After devoting some time to the industry and gaining some work experience with the RDBMS across simple and complex projects, you can do it much better. To cope with the budget challenges, initially you can work on projects allocated through freelancer portals like UpWork.

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