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What Makes Microsoft Dynamics 365 a Go-To Technology for Businesses?

10th Jun 2020
| admin |

Customer is the king today. In an economy dominated by the customer’s interest and preference, the only option left with businesses is to optimize their business process for better outcomes. Here is why the leading market research companies like Forrester, IDC, and Gartner and hundreds and thousands of business leaders around the world trust in the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Improved Customer Acquisition

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales enables smarter selling with contextual AI (Artificial Intelligence). It helps businesses devise the right customer acquisition strategy or campaign to reach out to their prospects or customers, engage with them, educate them about products or services, and develop relationship. Sales teams and professionals can use existing data available with unified solutions like LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Dynamics 365 Sales, and Office 365. All this optimizes sales and profitability.

Focused Customer Service

Customer acquisition demands investment and is challenging too. Effective customer service tends to lessen this. Acquiring a new customer can cost five times more than retaining an existing customer. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service empowers businesses with AI-driven guidance to deliver seamless personalized experiences to customers. Customer support teams or representatives have access to the right tools to intelligently handle routine requests and resolve more complex issues. It leaves a positive impression on customers.

Improved Employee Satisfaction

Help employees get the information they need—all on their own—through easy-to-use self-service HR tools. Simplify and optimise benefits, compensation, leave and absence, certifications and training, and compliance programmes.

With Dynamics 365 Human Resources, the HR solution, it’s easy to transform employee experiences. It’s scalable and customizable and can integrate with existing systems. Employees are behind the success of any business empire.

Increased Profitability

With Dynamics 365 Finance, business heads, particularly, credit controller, financial controller, and chief financial officer (CFO) can monitor performance of their operations in real time, predict future outcomes, and make data-driven decisions to drive business growth. The platform has budget planning tools to help you define rules or tasks, and set goals against each. The progress can be monitored to learn bottlenecks if any.

Efficient Supply Chain Management

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management helps you build an agile, connected and resilient supply chain. Planning, production, stock, warehouse, and transportation to maximise operational efficiency, product quality, and profitability – this Supply Chain Management platform allows businesses to streamline all effortlessly. The platform gets them predictive insights from AI and the Internet of Things (IoT) to stay on the top of everything they do. It also makes it easy for them to augment processes and implement corrective measures.

Improved eCommerce Engagement

Quality of online shopping experience is of paramount importance in the retail industry. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce has been provisioned with features and tools that allow shoppers to complete their shopping across physical and digital channels seamlessly. Customers can access a personalized dashboard showing products, entitlements, and cases. They can know about the product’s details, ask questions from a chatbot, or later get connected with a human agent if required, and complete their purchase confidently. Agents have access to the chat summaries, which help them in responding to the customers appropriately. Chatbot integration saves the productive time of the sales team and contributes to the conversion.

Improved Field Service

Beyond the four-walls of the businesses, field service engineers or employees perform a tremendous job braving the sun, cold, and rain. Dynamics 365 Field Service helps them coordinate well with their customers and those sitting in the office. Access to the right information on real-time, helps them to resolve the customer’s concern effectively up to their satisfaction.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Training and Certification

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is available in different variants to serve the requirements of different segments or businesses and so are our Training and Certification courses of Microsoft Dynamics. Depending up your career goal, or what expertise you want to earn, pursue the right course. Don’t know where to start from? Request a free consultation or demo today!

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