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What is Ms-500 Microsoft 365 Security Admin Training Course and From Where to Get Certified?

02nd Sep 2021
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MS-500 Microsoft 365 security administrator certification course focuses on the hybrid environment. These secure Microsoft 365 security services help manage the security and better solutions to respond to the active threats. 

This course will help you learn about security threats and how you can keep the organization safe from data breaches. The Microsoft 365 security administrator course covers multi-factor authentication, password protection, configuring the active directory federation services, enabling the Azure identity protection, etc. 

Also, in the MS-500 certification program, you will learn about the solutions for controlling external access to the Microsoft 365 system. 

Why is it Essential to Have MS-500 Microsoft 365 Security Administrator Certification Program? 

Today, the MS-500 Microsoft 365 Security Administrator training program is highly in demand because of the digital business world. But security is always at greater risk when you do online business. Therefore, many people think of enrolling in a Ms-500 training program to help the business from a security breach. 

The course helps to prevent damage and automate security lining. In the entire course, you will learn about various threat protection technologies that help to secure your Microsoft 365 environment. Above this, you will learn about various active threat vectors which can potentially damage the system and the Microsoft security solution to protect from malicious activities. 

Apart from this, you will learn about the online exchange protection, secure score, and Azure advanced threat protection technique which is helpful to configure the security issues faster to achieve the desired security posture. But the biggest benefit of having the course is that it helps to attain a successful career because many companies look forward to hiring those individuals who are trained as an MS-500 Microsoft 365 Security Administrator and have certified training. 

What Will You Learn in the MS-500 Microsoft 365 Security Administrator Course? 

Microsoft 365 security administration training includes the core concepts of data protection, security threats, and the concept of locating the virus attack. You will also learn the internal and external security policies which are necessary for business organizations.

The whole Microsoft-500 training program is based on investigation and data retention, including data governance. The course also helps to understand how to research to detect the security breach activities and fix them on time. Besides that, it covers the data retention policies and in-place record management, including email, SharePoint, and support for the eDiscovery investigations. The whole focus is on the following things: 

  1. Securing identities 
  2. Securing Microsoft 365 hybrid environment 
  3. Implementation of authentication methods 
  4. Implementing role-based access control 
  5. Implementing conditional access
  6. Implementing Azure AD identity protection 
  7. Implementing the Azure AD privileged identity management 
  8. Implementing device threat protection 
  9. Implementing the enterprise hybrid threat protection solution 
  10. Implementing and managing device and application protection 
  11. Monitoring Microsoft 365 security with Azure sentinel 
  12. Implementing and managing Microsoft defender for office 365
  13. Managing data loss prevention process 
  14. Managing sensitivity labels 
  15. Configuring and analyzing security reporting 
  16. Managing the search and investigation 
  17. Managing the data governance and retention process, including data privacy regulation compliance 

What Are the Prerequisites of the Microsoft 365 Security Administrator Training Course? 

For the Microsoft 365 Security administrator certification training course, you need to meet the following requirements. 

  1. You have to understand the core concepts of the Microsoft Azure 
  2. You need to have work experience with the Windows 10 devices 
  3. You must have the experience of working with Microsoft 365 
  4. Moreover, it would help if you gained a basic understanding of the authentication and authorization 
  5. A basic understanding of computer networking is also great to have 
  6. You must have working experience with mobile devices 

Where to Get the Microsoft 365 Security Administrator Training Course? 

The MS-500 Microsoft 365 security administrative training course is essential to play the role of a security manager. Moreover, the role of the individual will also collaborate with the business stakeholders and Microsoft enterprise administrators to implement the security strategies. 

Therefore, to gain the knowledge, you need to get the Microsoft 365 security administrator training course from certified training institutes such as SpireTec. Here, you will get online training sessions to learn the core concept of the program. You will also get an opportunity to work with certified professionals and live projects to understand how to apply the theoretical concepts to the practical world. 

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