IT industry has left its imprint on every business. In today’s tech world, it is impossible to think of a business without IT services. From processes to the checklist, from tasks to procedures, almost everything is dependent on information technology. With various innovations taking place every day, IT services have also been doing experiments on a day to day basis. Now IT service management (ITSM) has launched the Information Technology Infrastructure Library or popularly known as ITIL that focuses on arranging IT services according to the business needs.

What is the need for ITIL course?

The latest edition of ITIL is known as ITIL 4 Edition requires ITIL 4 certification that keeps on introducing new ideas and evolving concepts that are already existing. The two main components of the ITIL framework are:

· SVS or Service Value System of ITIL

· 4-D model

Who so ever has interest in ITSM can opt for ITIL service operation certification that includes improvement, creation, and delivery of innovative and technology-based services and products. Above mentioned components are main part of the introductory sessions as that allows the candidates to see through the course and career options. This certification has been designed to promote:

· Those who need to understand the foundation of the ITIL framework.

· Those who want a better understanding of the working of ITIL and its role in enhancing the ITSM.

· Professionals working in the organization that has adopted ITIL and IT professionals can take ITIL service operation certification course as well.

There are four levels in ITIL 4 certification that one can strive for.

· Master

· Managing professional

· Foundation

· And, strategic leader

Understanding of the course and exam format

After acquiring ITIL service operation certification one can

· Get an integrated approach to maintaining value co-creation of the customers with stakeholders that can be in the form of services and products.

· Get the ITIL 4’s guiding principles

· The 4-D of the ITSM

· The importance of the key concept from Agile, Lean, etc, that can deliver the business value.

Coming to the exam format for ITIL 4 foundation, the exam mainly consists of:

· 40 questions with multiple choice

· 65% is the pass percentage which means scoring approx. 26 marks out of 40 questions

· Time duration is 60 minutes

· Closed book concept

IT field has grown vastly in recent years is expected to show a growth of 13 percent in upcoming years. Getting an ITIL 4 certification can help one retain their jobs and reach to new heights with good salary packages. IT service management is a sector that is expanding and has great value as well as demand. In upcoming years, gaining the certification can help one validate their ability to apply those methods, techniques and, principles in the workplace. This can further make it easier for the aspirant to gain desired end results in practical assignments. There are many sites that offer certification with customized training courses that help people to adjust the course with their work.