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AWS Training – A way for Successful Career

25th May 2020
| admin |

AWS (Amazon Web Services) has a world of IT Services worth USD 400 billion and their adoption, deployment and management leads to a massive employment opportunity with an array of job profiles, including AWS cloud developer or software engineer, AWS cloud architect, AWS cloud administrator, and beyond.

In this post, SpireTec Solutions explains what investing in the training and certification of Amazon Web Services means to career-minded ambitious people.

Winning the Confidence of Head Hunters

Talent acquisition professionals have a clear idea of what they need and what skills, expertise or experience would be critical to the performance of a candidate at a workplace. For a candidate planning to enter the job market, it’s important to win the confidence of talent acquisition teams or HRs with a relevant AWS Certification. It sets them apart from the crowd of candidates who lack it. The average annual salary of an AWS professional is $104k in the US.

As AWS has services in all three key domains, namely, PaaS, IaaS or SaaS, which are instrumental in helping organizations with their computing, storage, networking, database, analytics, Internet of Things and much more. Know what you love and where you want to be, and accordingly do your AWS certification. Know which AWS certification training courses is right for you. We have experienced AWS faculty who can guide you with your learning path after evaluating your area of focus and IT expertise.

Getting Employed at Your Favorite Company

Going beyond the regular graduate and post-graduate degree in computer science or IT, top brands recruiting AWS professionals want candidates who are well-versed with the skills they need. This helps them reduce their employee onboarding expenses and the critical TTM (time-to-market) of a product, which is critical to a client’s satisfaction and market capitalization. Nowadays, most of the leading IT companies like TCS, Infosys, PSL Corp, etc., work as AWS consultants and help their clients to choose, and successfully adopt, integrate and maintain the right AWS cloud platform. They are not just excellent paymasters but also value their talents and invest in their skill enhancement and overall personal and professional growth.

Becoming a Subject Matter Expert (SME)

Leading companies including Amazon actively look for AWS subject matter experts (SMEs). They participate in AWS Certification exam development workshops. The roles and responsibilities of AWS SMEs towards certification workshops may include:

  1. Shortlisting exam topics based on the emerging industry challenges and best practices
  2. Deciding eligibility requirements for exam candidates
  3. Developing and evaluating exam questions
  4. Determining the exam’s passing score
  5. Interacting with peers at AWS Certification exam development workshops to help ensure the validity of current and future AWS Certification programs

Embarking on an Entrepreneurial Journey

If you have the zeal to solve customer business challenges and make a difference to their delivery mechanism, a professional training and certification in AWS can help you to kick-start your entrepreneurial journey. We have a diverse portfolio of AWS Certifications and Training courses. You may request a free consultation and demo before taking a call.

As an AWS technology consulting firm, you listen to the requirements and challenges of your clients and help them to move with the right Amazon Web Services cloud platform to gain more agility, elasticity, and cost savings. Their success is an integral aspect of your success so work hard.

SpireTec Solutions helps you acquire the fundamentals of the AWS Cloud, build your cloud skills, and grow your professional credibility with customized self-paced AWS certification and training course when and where it’s convenient for you.

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