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What are the Steps for Becoming a Certified Ethical Hacker in the United States with Complete Practical Training?

08th Sep 2021
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What are the Steps for Becoming a Certified Ethical Hacker in the United States with Complete Practical Training?Today, we are experiencing an unmatched cut-throat in job hunting and successful onboarding. As a result, choosing the right certification course is essential to build a successful career. Out of all, one such active course that gives you credibility and a successful job is Ethical hacker. With rising cybercrime activities, many companies hire Certified Ethical Hackers who engage in handling the hacking activities and understand the philosophy of the hacking.

A course in this field will give you a wonderful opportunity to start a progressive career and practice hacking modified features. But how to become a certified ethical hacker? This is the foremost question raised by the career wondering aspirants. 

Thus, to help you out, we are sharing the stepwise guide on becoming an ethical hacker. Let’s take a deep dive but first, let us know about ethical hackers.

Certified Ethical Hacker Image


What is Ethical Hacking?


Ethical hacking is a certified course that includes deploying hacking tools used to identify the malicious activities that may weaken the system. This hacking also helps to address the vulnerability of the computer network. 

In the certified ethical hackers’ course, the hacker will learn about the advanced hacking techniques and develop the thinking like the hackers. This will help the certified hackers to improve the digital infrastructure and prevent the companies from malicious activities. 

The basic function of ethical hackers is to improve the system’s cyber security and deal with malicious hackers’ activities, improve IT security, and determine the specific threats and vulnerabilities, which in turn help improve the overall security. 


What are the Advantages of Becoming a Certified Ethical Hacker? 


Ethical hackers who are certified in handling the hacking activities can help protect the companies’ data and network. They help find the security issues which can threaten the security. The certified ethical hackers undergo research and analysis to find the perfect solution to protect the software from hackers.

The training program allows you to build a successful career and become an IT professional hacker who is ready to protect the network. Moreover, a certified ethical hacker’s salary is higher than others, so that it would be excellent for the career start. 


On the other hand, they can provide a secure environment to working place and help in the following –


1. Handle the issues of the national security breaching acts

2. Fight against the terrorism

3. Prevent the hacking activities and stop the hackers from getting the access


What are the Steps to Become the Certified Ethical Hackers? 


To become a certified ethical hacker, you need to follow these simple steps – 


1. First, you need to earn a bachelor’s degree in ethical hacking or attend cybersecurity programs from the certified institutes. In the course, you will learn the basic requirements to become an ethical hacker.
2. After gaining the certificate, you need to enter the IT professional workforce and start working to gain experience managing the security protocol, network administration, analyzing the system, and malicious activities.
3. Start enrolling in the EC-Council or the Ethical Hacker training program and receive the certificate.


How to Start with an Ethical Hackers Certificate Course?


1. Most ethical hackers start by having the A+ certification program CompTIA. In this, you need to clear the two exams, including the basic knowledge of the personal computer hacking components and re-building ability. 

2. Once you achieve the certificate, you can embark on the next career stage, which is network support. In-network support, the individual undertakes various activities such as updating, monitoring, testing the weak security point, installing the security programs, and many more. During the network support, you will gain experience in the work field. 

3. Once you gain enough experience in network support, you will be able to earn a six-figure salary. Moreover, you will get global recognition. 

4. After that, you can start working in information security and earn another certificate such as CISSP Certification Training Course, Security+, and TICSA to gain global recognition. 


Bottom Line 


Cyberwarfare or Ethical Hacking is the best way to start a successful career. So, these are the steps to become a Certified Ethical Hacker in the United States. The demand for ethical hackers in the world is constantly rising. So, if you want to achieve a certified ethical course, you can gain it from SpireTec Solutions which offers various cybersecurity programs for students. 

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