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Top 5 Certifications For IT Professionals

14th Jan 2020
| admin |

IT field is constantly changing, and each year trendy, better, and more excellent job prospects are being released. With the latest certifications, IT professionals will be equipped with a skill set that will open a world of immense possibilities. Additional certifications can shape the way for lucrative career growth and give you global exposure to newer developments.

Some of the most sought after technologies this year are Microsoft SharePoint certification, cybersecurity, computing and networking, and much more.

Here’s a list of top five certifications for IT professionals that are a hot demand and pay extremely well-


Certified Information Systems Security Professional(CISSP)


cissp certification


An ideal choice for anyone working in the analysis, management, and auditing department. These certifications are the prime controls of the security of your company by determining the architecture, management, and design. The average pay is $117,00 per year. This requires you to have a prior working experience of five years.


Information technology infrastructure library (ITIL)


itil certification


The information technology infrastructure library is the most popular course in the IT field. It is cumulative of all the best practices of providing IT services to all types of companies. It includes incident and capacity management and ways to reduce and balance the IT services and methods to utilize them better. This course is a  stepping stone for all IT courses and is a foundation to learn everything about IT Services. ITIL verified managers could earn up to $120,000 per year.


Microsoft SharePoint certification

microsoft sharepoint certification


A large number of IT companies today are actively dependent on the use of Sharepoint. This involves job positions of analysts, engineers, architects, and designers. Microsoft SharePoint certification is your go-to a ticket to win new companies and is beneficial to both the professional as well as the company. This will be proof of your complete skill set and expertise.

Most Job employers prefer Microsoft certification over anything else. This also promises higher salaries and positions. The three levels of Microsoft certifications are fundamental, expert, and associate. Start your journey today to become a credible resource.


Office 365 Administration training

This certification exposes the learner to the administrative capacity of Office 365. Office 365 administration training will prepare you to manage groups and how to work with the 365 administration system. It will also benefit you in creating custom domains and working with a hybrid Active directory. This is very beneficial in expanding your administrative and managing role and will make you a more valuable resource for the company.


Google certified professional Cloud certificate

The best certification course that has emerged in the last three years is Google certified professional cloud. This allows IT professionals to become cloud architects on the Google cloud platform. This will equip you with the capacity to design, manage, and develop on Google cloud with the help of GCP tech.


The deep learning involved here gives you practical solutions that can be applied in a wide range of scenarios. Cloud skills are highly demanded right now, and the correct use of GCP technology will make you a reliable professional for all IT solutions in the foreseeable future. You can expect to earn an average of  $140,000 per year.


A certification can promise you to pave your way for a lucrative future and develop better solutions for IT services.

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