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Tips to Prepare for Your Software Engineering Interview

18th Jun 2020
| admin |

To ace your software engineering interview, you need to practice every aspect of it, from introduction to coding questions. Your skill demonstration must convince the interviewer that you are the perfect candidate he or she wants to hire. Here are some steps to build the confidence and prepare well for your IT job interview.

Go through the Job Description

Understand exactly what is expected out of you if you get hired. The job descriptions will let you know the software skills, roles and responsibilities in detail, and that is the roadmap for your job interview preparation. Do not miss the years of experience required. The difficulty level of the technical and behavioural interview questions changes accordingly. The Internet might help you to know about commonly asked questions in a software engineer interview.

Practice Makes a Human Perfect

Revisit your technical subject including programming languages, frameworks, technology stacks, principles and other aspects. If you have done training and certification with respect to the technology tools or services mentioned in the job description, take out time to revise the course materials.  Use your problem-solving methodologies and skills over and over again to become an expert on solving any problem, not just a specific one. Prefect how you approach the problem, strategise and plan your actions.

Research the Company’s Profile and Background

Collect as much information about the company as possible. You can’t change your employment history or your qualifications, but you can work harder and smarter than other candidates being knowledgeable about the company. Use the company’s website, their products and services, annual report, and newspaper/business magazine articles to gather as much information as possible. This also lets the interviewer know about your seriousness about getting the job.

Look for Internal Recommendations

It won’t be difficult to find a connection inside the organization with professional platforms like LinkedIn and Glassdoor at your disposal. Connections may also help you know about the interview process, and company’s working methodologies in a better way, and all this can be of great help to crack the software engineer interview.

Be Ready to Answer the Strategic Questions

Anticipate questions like “What’s your biggest weakness?”, “Where do you see yourself in five years?”, “Why did you leave your last job?”, and similar others. The questions may sound simple but they need a prudential answer. Answering this question is a bit of a tightrope walk. For example, your weakness will hardly add any value to the job profile, the reason for leaving the last job might be something that may make interviewers apprehensive about your selection, and so on. However, you have to answer in a way to reveal your progressiveness or willingness to adapt to change and turn it into an opportunity.

Get a Validation for Your Skills

Last but not the least. Start early because Rome was Not Built in a Day. Getting an interview call doesn’t mark the preparation time. Taking a look at the job market, and preference of head hunters recruiting software engineers, it’s easy to understand that candidates with certifications have a higher chance of getting shortlisted than those who do not have them. Companies are also willing to give a higher pay-out to such candidates. Do a relevant certification that contributes to your success. For example, if you aim to become a Project Manager, going with a PMI Certification will be a good investment. Keep a tab on the exam pattern of the certification, and prepare accordingly to get a good grade.

Hope you found the information useful. Feel free to get in touch with us for any technology training and certification purposes.

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