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SharePoint Training and Certification – Turns Career into Extraordinary

16th May 2020
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Don’t just dream, rather make it happen! Action makes a lot of difference to your career.  Timely actions juxtaposed with dedication, and bold steps takes you from being an ordinary to extraordinary professional. See how training and certification in SharePoint from SpireTec Solutions helps you grab your dream job and gain momentum in the career growth.

Opens Up a World of Opportunities

What is the scope of SharePoint job opportunities? or what companies actively look for SharePoint Certified professionals? The answer is: Truly unlimited, and everyone needs you. More than 200,000 organizations and 190 million people have SharePoint for intranets, team sites and content management.  From sharing and managing content, knowledge, and applications to empowering teamwork, finding information quickly, to collaborating with people across the organization – SharePoint has got limitless capabilities, and our training helps you unleash all, manage all, and govern all with confidence.

Talent acquisition teams and HR professionals screen the resume of potential candidates before interviewing them. Candidates with SharePoint Training and Certification in their resumes easily make to the list of shortlisted candidates.

"1. SharePoint Training and Certification Course"

Helps You Negotiate a Higher Salary

Your performance in the interview rounds is crucial in not getting shortlisted, but also in negotiating for a good pay scale. The average salary of a SharePoint administrator in the US economy is $75,325. But organizations or talent heads don’t mind paying a bit extra to get a more skilled employee on board. Our experienced SharePoint faculty helps you earn a 360-degree practical knowledge of SharePoint. Know how to install, configure, deploy and manage SharePoint constituents, including Office, messaging, document sharing, compliance and management features or services.  The SharePoint certification puts you in an advantageous position over candidates who do not have it.

Helps You Perform Better at Work

At SpireTec Solutions, we believe our success is a reflection of your success. We educate and train our students so well that they can perform all tasks from simple to complex regarding SharePoint design, installation, and maintenance processes easily. Also, gain in-depth knowledge of

  • Setting policies, creating security groups, assign access, and administer changes for users
  • Creating and validating backup and restoration programs
  • Collecting user requirements and explaining effects of designs and changes directly to users
  • Configuring, redesigning, and migrating SharePoint sites and associated databases and resources
  • Business intelligence integration, dashboards, and business data surfacing
  • Monitoring performance of apps with web analytics

Pushes You to the Lead Roles

Your consistent hard work and contribution with SharePoint asset management towards the organization is bound to get noticed. However, along with the praises and trust, comes more responsibility on you shoulder.  Help your team mates perform better with your knowledge power and expertise and demonstrate your team-player attribute. This approach transforms you from an ordinary professional to an extraordinary leader.

Whether you are an individual looking for training or certification on SharePoint or represent a corporate willing to invest in employee skill development programme, we, at SpireTec Solutions are ready to help you. We offer customized Microsoft SharePoint Training and Certification courses. From Live Training to Onsite Classroom – access the courses as per your convenience.

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