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Guide for Robotics Process Automation Certification

27th Apr 2020
| admin |

Infusing intelligence in machines and software applications, Robotics Process Automation (RPA) contributes to the business productivity and efficiency. RPA learns from the user-behavior and circumstances and becomes smarter over the time – quite similar to human beings, and become more purposeful.

With economies round the globe facing a tough time, customers getting more impatient, and regulators getting merciless, Robotics Process Automation becomes the demand of the hour.  See how this new skill can make a difference to your career.

Major Takers of RPA: Industry Adoption

RPA is destined to make its way everywhere and in every walk of life. You might be familiar with many unknowingly. Recall, the simplest example of NLP (Natural Language Processing)-based voice recognition tool that helps you get access to your bank account over the phone. Without deploying human beings, banks are able to handle most of your queries or requests. This technology investment helps banks to reduce their operational cost and stay more efficient.

  1. Banking and Finance Process Automation
  2. Mortgage and Lending Process
  3. Customer Care Automation
  4. eCommerce Merchandising Operation
  5. OCR Application
  6. Data Extraction Process

Robotic Process Automation Developer Salary

A Robotics Process Automation Engineer or Automation Developer typically makes between $62,607 and $95,087 in New York, US annually (Source: Salary.com). Besides, they also get bonus, and enjoy a list of benefits like

Social Security $6,300
401K/403B $3,459
Disability $1,647
Healthcare $8,352
Pension $4,447
Time Off $10,136

So, the total compensation reaches much higher. 

Demand for Robotics Process Automation Engineers

The demand for Robotics Process Automation Engineer is likely to see a new height in the Post-Coronavirus world. Businesses need to become more efficient. They have to drive productivity with the least resources to stay profitable. Certainly, they would be looking for solutions for reducing the need for human input. Simultaneously, they need to stay up to the standards of compliance enforcement agencies like HIPPA (Health) and PCI (Financial) sector.

The business benefits are summarized for you.

  1. By automating tasks, the human workforce will be free to spend time on work with better returns.
  2. Automation also helps with improved compliance adherence by following the exact process that meets the business standards.
  3. The technology adoption helps with reducing errors and standardizing processes, which leads to higher customer satisfaction rate.
  4. Reporting and monitoring become more easier and time-saving as every action and incident gets recorded in the software. Business leaders have easy access to actionable data.

Roles and Responsibilities of Automation Developers

A Robotics Process Automation Developer is responsible for developing and maintaining high quality software components to design, develop and deploy Robotics Process Automation (RPA) bots. The often work with a cross-functional team comprising of technology architects, UI-designers, quality analysts and business leaders.

In addition to the RPA training and certifications, candidates are required to possess excellent planning, and analytical skills. Software robotics is a dynamic discipline and, hence, candidates should be open to learn new things and make improvements in their delivery process and deliverables both.

Robotic Process Automation Training and Certification

If you aim to gain the real expertise and certification in Robotics Process Automation, SpireTec welcomes you. We have experienced trainers with hands-on experience in market leading RPA platforms like UiPath. We make you understand the fundamental and advanced techniques and tools to help you develop, test and implement RPA in the business processes, and perform at your best in the mission-critical RPA jobs. We also give you real-world exposure to wide variety of technology problems and their solutions.

SpireTec offers Live Virtual, Onsite Classroom and Customized Classroom training options. Choose the best Robotics Process Automation certification training option, and get ready for the best Robotics Process Automation (RPA) opportunities available in the market.

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