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Data Science – Career, Salary, Certifications

10th Jun 2020
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Taking a journey to the past might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but everyone is curious of what future has in its store for them. Here data, a valuable resource, refers to the past and data-driven predictions to the future.

The Big Data Science and Analytics was born out of this very human desire, i.e., to know the future and, in no time, data scientist became one of the hottest or best paid IT jobs in the world.  SpireTec Solutions reveals the data science opportunities, training and certifications, and career path.

Data Science Analytics ROI (Return on Investment)

The benefits to firms that embrace data science and analytics have been proved time and again. Research by Andrew McAfee and Erik Brynjolfsson from MIT states, “companies in the top third of their industry in the use of data-driven decision making were, on average, 5% more productive and 6% more profitable than their competitors.” The demand for data scientists is not limited by tech and non-tech companies. Data analysis job is as basic like infrastructure. Organizations can’t undermine it’s worth today.

What Organizations Expect from a Data Scientist

  1. Perform data extraction, data visualization and extract trends and patterns for applications.
  2. Develop analytical model to predict/forecast user behaviours to meet business requirements and drive business growth.
  3. Communicate the results to management via data visualisations, presentations.
  4. Develop Machine learning, Deep learning and AI algorithm to solve business case or problem.
  5. Deploy and integrate the model with other applications using python and other related technologies for application development and deployment.

Demand for Data Scientists

As of now, 8377 Data Sciences International jobs are available with Indeed, the leading global job portal. It may surprise many citing the Covid-19 pandemic. In a situation where many sectors have witnessed unemployment, this demand for data scientist or analyst is promising and encouraging for IT aspirants, particularly certified Data Scientists.

Employers and talent hunters are also upbeat across regional job portals as we came across.

  • com (India): 13728 Jobs
  • com (UAE): 257
  • Totaljobs (UK): 196 Jobs
  • com (South Africa): 30 Jobs

There is a shortage of qualified data science professionals on the market today. According to a survey by the MIT Sloan Management Review, 43 percent of companies report a lack of appropriate analytic skills as a key challenge. Most of the interviews, nowadays, are getting conducted virtually via video conferencing keeping in mind the health safety of interviewees and interviewers both.

Data Scientist’s Salary

A Data Scientist in the US typically makes between $66k – $134k. This is the gross salary that comprises tips, bonus, and overtime pay. The salary increases with years of experience as depicted below. Additional skills like Apache Spark, Algorithm Development, Machine Learning, and Python can help you add more to it.

Source: PayScale

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Eligibility and Skills

You can start your career with a bachelor degree in computer science. A data scientist can discover patterns within large quantities of data. To build the capability, you should acquire the skills as follows:

  1. Machine Learning
  2. Statistical Programming
  3. Data Mining and Analytics
  4. Large-Scale Data Storage Systems
  5. Data Visualization
  6. Artificial Intelligence
  7. Natural Language Processing

 Training and Certification

SpireTec Solutions helps you ace enterprise-grade machine learning service to build and deploy models faster. Our dedicated AI and Machine Learning training and certification courses in Microsoft R Server, also called as Microsoft Machine Learning Server, Azure Machine Learning, and Python have powered the career of hundreds of IT job aspirants and professionals. Both Live Virtual Classroom and On-Site Classroom modes are available.

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