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MS SharePoint Training and Certification: Answered

30th Sep 2020
| admin |

Over 200,000 organizations and 190 million people rely on SharePoint for intranets, team sites and content management. And these stats on Microsoft SharePoint popularity continue to growth. This has accelerated the demand for MS SharePoint training and certification 

If you are an IT career aspirant, want to learn new skill to progress your career, or an enterprise looking forward to upskill your employees, this FAQs on MS SharePoint Certification will help you to find answers to most of your queries.  

     1. What SharePoint Certification is good for IT professionals who perform multi-server deployment? 

20331: Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 CertificationCandidates with a working knowledge of, and preferably hands-on experience with SharePoint Online can benefit more. 

    2. Is Microsoft 365 Certified: Team Work Administrator Associate Certification available? 

No, it has been discontinued with effect from August 31, 2020. 

    3. What is the average salary of a SharePoint Developer? 

A SharePoint Developer typically makes between $56k and $119k in the US economy. It varies across different developed and developing economies. Experience, additional IT skills and brand also influence the salary and its structure. 

    4. What skill learning and training is involved in SharePoint 2016 Course 20339-1A


       a. Design an information, logical and physical architecture for a SharePoint 2016 deployment 

       b. Install and configure SharePoint 2016. 

       c. Create and configure web applications and site collections. 

       d. Plan and configure service applications for a SharePoint 2016 deployment. 

       e. Manage users and permissions, and secure content in a SharePoint 2016 deployment. 

       f. Configure authentication in a SharePoint 2016 deployment. 

       g. Configure platform and farm-level security in a SharePoint 2016 deployment. 

       h. Manage information taxonomy in SharePoint web applications and site collections. 

       i. Configure and manage user profiles and audiences. 

       j. Configure and manage the search experience in SharePoint 2016. 

      k. Monitor, maintain, and troubleshoot a SharePoint 2016 deployment. 

    5. What certification is right for acquiring skills to plan and implement SharePoint hybrid scenarios? 

MS-050T00-A Deployment and Migration of SharePoint 2019. The certification validates your expertise in deploying and managing SharePoint on-premises environment as well as hybrid scenarios, and migrating content to Microsoft 365. 

   6. What are the prerequisites for SharePoint 2019 Hybrid Deployment and Migration Certification? 

An aspiring candidate must have the following skills to take this SharePoint certification. 

      a. Experience with Windows PowerShell. 

      b. Basic understanding of SQL Server management. 

      c. Basic understanding of networking, including DNS. 

      d. Working knowledge of windows server administration. 

      e. Basic understanding of Active Directory and Azure AD. 

      f. Basic understanding of mobile device management, and alternative operating systems (Android and macOS). 


  7. What is a digital certification badge? 

Certification badges are digital representations of your achievements. It includes an image and metadata uniquely linked to you. Audiences can learn about your skills and verify the badge’s authenticity—ensuring only you can take credit for your skills. Showcase the digital badge on popular online sites, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, or embed it into your résumé, personal website, or email signature. Microsoft has teamed up with Credly’s Acclaim platform to award badges. Once you complete your certification, you receive an email notification from Microsoft with a link to Credly’s Acclaim platform to claim your badge. 

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