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Microsoft Certifications: Technical Courses For Professional Advancement

13th Aug 2019
| admin |

The fact that Microsoft is the leading software manufacturer in the whole world is something all of us know. We also know that software keeps getting updated and upgraded as newer technology keeps coming in. Improvements thus made to the software, need to be learnt and then implemented. This training is also provided for by Microsoft in the variety of training courses and certifications that it awards. In fact, a Microsoft certification is not only attestation of a person’s skills, but it is also a tool which helps build up confidence in clients.

 microsoft certifications"

There are many different certificate technical courses available from Microsoft like the Microsoft server 2016 certification etc. These certifications pertain to the technical aspects of the job and each of these consists of a series of exams which an applicant has to pass to earn the same. For the convenience of the applicant, these technical courses have been divided into:

  • Fundamental certifications: These are ideal for those individuals who are novices in the field of software technology or those that are about to change their career path.
  • Associate certifications: In order to do this a candidate requires to have a minimum of two years of comprehensive experience in this field. While it is always a bonus to have done the fundamental certification courses, it is, however, not a pre-requisite.
  • Expert certifications: This includes the Microsoft SQL server 2016 certification and requires hardcore technical knowledge on the part of the candidates. In fact, only those people who have deep technical experience can avail of these certifications. Many of these certifications require further associate-level certifications to ensure complete knowledge of the field.

Preparing for these certifications

It is common knowledge that every person has a different preference for the knowledge path that he or she wants to take. Microsoft acknowledges this and provides training accordingly throughout the time taken to complete the certification. For a high-level certification like the Microsoft server 2016 certification, this proves to be a boon.
The different paths to prepare for the certification courses as offered by Microsoft are:

  •  Free learning paths: Microsoft Learn is one tool with the help of which any person can master the core concepts of the certificate course applied for, at their own pace and time. They have access to code samples and training materials and are also at free will to test-drive products for free.
  •  Instructor-led training: For the more serious ones, Microsoft empowers these candidates with trained instructors who are absolutely suitable to the specific learning needs of the candidate. Since these instructors to have to meet certain stringent technical requirements for acquiring the required certification and thus undergo rigorous training, they are better equipped to empower a candidate into achieving their goals.
  • Practice test: Microsoft Learn knows that practising before the exam yields good results especially for the higher certifications like the Microsoft SQL server 2016 certification. Thus they have official practice papers set and designed by industry experts who are well-versed with the certification process and are more than capable of ensuring that ass aspects of the course get covered.

These certifications that are offered by Microsoft are actually very lucrative for it has been statistically proved that people completing these certifications have actually got exceptionally high raises in their salaries. Thus these certifications are worth the time spent.

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