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IT Infrastructure Support

Increase business efficiency and workforce capability with a high performance, secure, scalable and agile IT infrastructure. SpireTec Solutions has got a team of experienced IT engineers to assess your operational requirements, identify process bottlenecks and risks and help you with the right infrastructure.
SpireTec Solutions is a team of experienced IT professionals with hands-on experience in Microsoft Server, Azure, SharePoint, Office 365, VMware, CISCO, and other technologies. Unlike other IT support companies that focus on performance and security alone, we impart artificial intelligence to your business ecosystem that helps with predictive analysis and business intelligence. Also, we build scalable and flexible IT infrastructure that can meet your existing and future needs without recurring investments.

IT Infrastructure Services

The team at SpireTec Solutions is instrumental in building a future-ready IT infrastructure that complements the modern workforce’s capability, helps you respond to the ever-changing economy and innovate your business process and delivery system. Here is how we enable you to make a difference and stay ahead of the competition.

Networking and Collaboration

People are your real assets, but they can’t work in isolation. They drive your business forward keeping your customers happy. With network transformation service and managed network service, we help you give them a hassle-free, always up, efficient and secure collaboration platform. In short, we empower them to think the same way and work together.

Innovating IT Security

We not just build a robust IT infrastructure, but also impart intelligence and automation into it. We apply the best cyber security technologies, network security protocols and practices recommended by Cisco, Microsoft and VMware, and leading brands. Besides protecting the usability and integrity of your data, the infrastructure can defend itself, detect risks and respond to the situation in real-time.

Building Digital Workplace

We help you digitalize your workplace and unleash the potential of the latest workplace technologies. Utilizing the best in class technologies means empowering your people with the right information at the right time and the right place. We build authentication based infrastructure model to help you cope with any risk and IT regulations.

Going with Cloud

We help you with the successful adoption of the right cloud model matching your business requirements. We have experienced cloud strategist and engineers who know the ins and outs of public, private, hybrid and community cloud I-a-a-S (Infrastructure as a Service) cloud computing, networking, and storage models. We can also help you with proprietary or third-party application integration.

Infrastructure Support by Industries

Looking for the right IT infrastructure service provider for your business? We have been empowering our clients ranging from start-ups and small and medium businesses to established enterprises across all key sectors.

Here are the industries we serve.

How Much Does it Cost to Build an IntelligentIT Infrastructure?

It's an important question. You must know the investment as well as the corresponding return on investment (ROI). To assess the IT infrastructure cost, we need to understand the business model and the type of challenges you want to address with the investment. Submit the “Get a Free Quote” form. One of our technology consultants will take it forward and communicate you over the phone, Skype or any other communication channel as per your preference.

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Why to Choose SpireTec Solutions

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    • Instructor was very knowledgeable about the information which was very helpful when it came to answering questions.

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    • I have completed the course 20778 Analyzing data with Power BI. The instructor Mr. Abhishek Kumar delivered interactive sessions which were impressively informative. He went through the content in detail which showcased that he has a thorough knowledge of the subject matter. 

    • Learned a lot of things and more than I excepted to learn. Was a very nice experience to learn from Abhishek.

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    • The instructor was very welcoming and spent the me so that we could get to know each other. I could tell that the instructor was very knowledgeable on the subject and connuously kept me involved in the conversation.

    • Abhishek was a great instructor. Very knowledgeable, and very nice.

    • Mr. Abhishek was friendly and knows his subject. He helped in sharing every documents, we will need for further studies and exam for Power BI.

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    • The trainig was good and well organized. Very motivated and patience in understanding our questions.

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    • He set up a collaborative medium between instructor and students. You can ask questions and he will give you a presenter view where you can share what you have learnt. Instructor Abhishek Kumar is a terrific subject expert. I recommend it to everyone as well. A job well done! 

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