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How to Successfully Take the AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Exam?

02nd Sep 2021
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So, have you decided to take the Microsoft certification exam? Before you start your journey to take the AZ-900 certification exam, it is crucial to understand the AZ-900 exam Microsoft Azure fundamentals. 

Let’s face it, Microsoft continues to adapt the Azure-900. Hence the skills remain in great demand. By having the certification, you will be able to find a cloud-based job quickly. But the question is, from where and how can you start preparing for the Azure certification? 

In this blog, we’ve covered a few tips that help to answer the azure fundamentals exam questions and answers accurately. 



What is the Azure AZ-900 Exam?

Azure is the fastest-growing cloud-based platform. This opens various career opportunities for those who are working towards building their career. By taking the Azure fundamentals certification exam, the individual will be able to build a successful career. However, cracking this exam is not an easy task because to pass the exam, you need to gain information on the cloud concepts and make yourself competent enough to play the role-based certification. 

Tips to Prepare for Microsoft Certification Exam 

Now, as you know, the Microsoft Azure fundamental certification exam is crucial to building a successful career; it is time to follow some useful tips to crack the exam.

So, here is the quick Microsoft Azure certification guide. 

  1. Understand the Requirement of Microsoft Fundamental Azure AZ-900 Exam

Azure AZ-900 is the best course to pursue a strong career as a developer, administrator, and solution architect. To qualify for the exam, you need to make yourself competent enough to cross all the barriers. Basic information about the Azure AZ-900 course is excellent to start with. 

To have the Microsoft Azure Certification exam, the candidate must have the basic knowledge and pass the basic qualification.

  1. Know the Basics of the Microsoft Azure-900 

Before proceeding with the exam, it is often recommended to gain some basic knowledge about the exam. Also, make sure to define the policy regarding the exams. Finally, keep in mind that the Azure fundamentals exam questions and answers will be based on specific details of the course and particularly on the function of the Azure. 

All the essential details are covered in the Microsoft MCSA exams. 

  1. Follow the Learning Pathway 

To study for the AZ-900 exam, you need to follow a simple pathway, which is as follows: 

  1. Read thoroughly about the basics of cloud computing 
  2. Take an overview of the core Azure services, networking, storage, compute and many more things
  3. Practice the concepts in the laboratories 
  4. Create your virtual private network, virtual machines and try to integrate the application gateways and load balancers 
  5. Read thoroughly about the security and model concepts 
  6. Also, refer to the short Microsoft Azure certification courses before the exam 
  7. You can also go for a mock test and understand the core concepts of the Microsoft Azure certification exam.


  1. Follow the Examination Tips and Tricks 

To crack the AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals exam, you need to implement the concepts and basic features of the Azure services and the practical concepts that you learn. This will help you to understand the questions immediately and answer them correctly.

Before you finalize your answer, make sure to look after all the choices of the answers available. Read the question carefully and then answer the question. You can play around with some of the options to conclude the right answer. 

  1. Take Online Course for AZ-900 Certification Exam 

The best way to crack the Microsoft Azure certification exam is to take the online training course. Online training plays a crucial role and helps you to learn the basic concept of the Azure fundamentals. During the course, you will also learn about the basics of the AZ-900 certification exam. 

Though the training seems expensive, you get so many affordable options that help you to prepare for the exam. Don’t forget to give the mock test as it helps to learn about the Azure Fundamentals exam questions and answers


The AZ-900 exam is difficult to crack, but now you have these handy tips that help to clear the exam easily. You are required to score around 700 to clear the exam. The exam duration is around 85 minutes, and you need to answer around 40-60 questions. The scorecard contains the details of your overall performance about the pass or the failure status. 

However, it is equally crucial to prepare from a reputable certification course provider. If you want to get the training from a reputable course provider, Spiretech is the only name on whom you can trust.

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