How to Become a Microsoft Office 365 Certified Trainer?

02nd Sep 2021
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Microsoft, over time, has created a huge impact on the business world. Even in pandemic times, it managed to withstand the market. However, today it still manages to raise the stock price and make maximum revenues. Therefore, you can estimate that Microsoft’s platform arguably has a strong position in the marketing arena, and the cloud platform is still booming worldwide.

With the rising trend, Microsoft wants to select only the best candidates who have a certificate in Microsoft training. This is why a lot of individuals want to become Microsoft Certified Trainers. 

Recently,How do I become a Microsoft Office 365 Certified Trainer?” hit so many times on search engines. It may sound pretty easy to select a course and get a certificate. However, it is not that simple as it looks.

There is a long checklist that you need to follow to become a Microsoft certified trainer. In this blog, we have covered everything that you need to know to become a certified MCT. 

Let’s read about them in detail. 

Who is a Microsoft Certified Trainer?

MCTs are the premier technically skilled and instrumental professionals in the technologies of Microsoft. Becoming a certified MCT allows you to teach some essential Microsoft courses, which further help to build a successful career. The platform offers you access to the Microsoft certification products that are essential for the exams.

By having the MCT, you get an invitation to the exclusive products of the MCT. However, there are certain requirements to achieve the certified excel trainer certificate.

Requirement of the MCT Certificate Program

The MCT program is designed for educators who want to deliver the training of Microsoft technologies. So, if you are passionate about teaching the Microsoft 365 course and want to possess a qualifying certification program, here are few requirements.

  1. First of all, enroll in the Microsoft Certification Program from a reputable institute. 
  2. Meet with the minimum requirement to achieve the certificate and teach the course online. Moreover, before you achieve the certificate of MCT, you must meet the requirement and have taken at least two classes. 

How to Become a Microsoft 365 Certified Trainer?

To become a Microsoft 365 Certified trainer, you also need to pass Microsoft Azure skills and other exams. So that you can get the MCP ID. The exam allows you to show that you are the expert of the Microsoft 365 technology, have deep knowledge of the program, and remain updated with the current standard of Microsoft.

There are various ways to attain the certificate program, which are as follows:

  1. You need to pass the certified Microsoft 365 technical trainer program to demonstrate that you are excellent in the training field. You can also pass CompTia, which is a certification course for certified technical trainers. 
  2. Then pass the Microsoft skill course. Finally, you can take an online course in technical presentation, which may cost extra but is relevant to show your expertise.
  3. However, if you are already a certified trainer of Microsoft, you will get a free MCT pass and don’t need to pass the presentation course. Also, the MCT program runs throughout the year. As a Microsoft Certified trainer, you need to earn the certification every year to validate your knowledge and experience of Microsoft solutions and products. 

What are the Benefits of the Microsoft 365 Certified Trainer Program?

The foremost benefit of having the Microsoft 365 certified training program is that you will get access to the personalized dashboard from where you can manage various tasks such as an MCT certificate, useful MCT resources, and gain certain discounts. 

Additionally, you will also get access to the Microsoft Certified Central Training Program that helps you stay updated with the latest technology and trends of the MCT. Moreover, you can easily find the new jobs connection and reach easily at the MCT leads.

Final Thoughts 

The future of the business world belongs to Microsoft. So, if you wish to become a certified Microsoft 365 trainer, you need to meet the requirements mentioned above. Apart from this, you also need to pass the CompTIA plus training program to become a certified MCT. But do ensure to keep on improving your skills timely to meet the current business requirements. 

Also, don’t forget to get the Microsoft certified training program from SpireTec as we are highly experienced in delivering the best Microsoft courses and help you to gain excellent knowledge about the course.

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