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How to Become a Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator and from where to Get Certified?

01st Sep 2021
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Companies are at the receiving end when it comes to security or data compromise due to the excessive digitization they are following lately. That said, there is a huge demand for computer hacking forensic investigators who are skilled in handling computer hacking activities and control them.

Hence those who are planning to pursue the computer hacking forensic investigator certification course could very much go deep in their career milestones. Another reason for joining the CHFI course is that the computer hacking forensic investigators salary in India is higher compared to other disciplines. Thus, to become a computer hacking forensic investigator, you need to take the course and get familiar with the roles and responsibilities of the CHFI.


What are the Skills Required to Become a Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator?

The prime responsibilities of a computer hacking forensic investigator are to obtain the information from the server and investigate to find a solution to fix the issues. So, the computer hacking investigator needs to develop reporting and audit the cyber security threat. 

The investigator also needs to have in-depth knowledge of cyber security and how they can detect the security breach easily and take preventive measures to recover from the breach. 

Moreover, the computer hacking forensic investigator needs to have the patience required to clutter the mountain of the security breach and information to find the way to fix the security breach.

The Certification for the Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator

In the computer hacking forensic investigator course, the individual will learn specialized skills offered in the certification program. The CHFI certification is helpful for the candidates to show their ability and expertise in detecting the presence of intruders and track all criminal activities. Furthermore, the certification course will include the following things. 

1. The process related to the security breach, cybercrime investigation such as seizure protocols, and searching of the cyber threat. 

2. Understanding of the rules and type of cybercrimes to obtain the evidence 

3. Duties and responsibilities of the computer hacking forensic investigator who visits the crime scene and assessing to the prime suspects, including conduction of the preliminary interviews 

4. Knowledge of the tools of forensic hacking analysis and how to use the software to find the suspect

5. Data recovering process in which the candidate will learn about the recovery of the deleted data from the hard drive and Windows and Linux.

6. The investigation, code-cracking skills, and encryption 

7. Help in dealing with the legal proceedings and familiarity with time clock synchronization and log analysis tools. 

8. Understand the web attacks and latest malware 

Who Can Have the Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator Course? 

The computer hacking forensic certification course is to gain the skills of detecting the security threat, specialized skills to investigate malware, and keep track of criminal activities through the cyber world. Any individual can take the certification course, but the majority of the target audience includes: 

1. Those who are involved in the security and the defense fields

2. Those who want to pursue a career in the field of computer hacking forensic field

3. Professionals from the insurance and banking  

4. The professionals who belong to legal aid and have experience in law 

5. Government IT persons, officials who have experience in dealing with cyber security issues

6. The person belongs to the law enforcement personnel 

Different Types of Software used to teach the Computer Hacking Forensic Investigators

The computer hacking forensic analysis is done through online software. So, there is a need for reliable software to detect cybercrime activities. However, there are so many software programs available that are used to perform the analysis of cybercrime. 

The computer hacking forensic investigator software will include several analysis tools that allow the investigator to examine the suspicious activities and store data that may raise the red flag. In addition, several other tools help to analyze the data recorded and deleted from the hard drive. Moreover, the software will also help analyze the cookie files of the suspected web browser, which can be used to examine the programs.

Where to Get the Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator Course? 

The computer hacking forensic investigator course is exceptionally helpful to build a strong career. There are so many institutes and online sites available from where you can have the course. SpireTec Solutions is the best site to gain the certificate of a computer hacking forensic investigator. The best thing about the program is you can attend the course from your comfort zone. We also provide live sessions with CHFI professionals so that candidates can gain practical knowledge of working in the live environment. 

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