TOGAF ® 9 Foundation Certification Training Course


Have you been trying to understand what is TOGAF 9 certification? Fret not, because we are here to answer all your queries. At SpireTec, we are dedicated to offering the best TOGAF training through a comprehensive TOGAF 9 course. Read on to know more about the  TOGAF 9 course and how it can help boost your career.

What is TOGAF 9 Certification?

TOGAF 9 Certification which you receive after appearing for the TOGAF foundation exam, endorses your ability and skills regarding the setup and implementation of the best enterprise architecture methodology and framework. Enterprise architecture has four subsets as follows: business architecture; data/information architecture; application (systems) architecture; and Information Technology (IT) architecture. TOGAF sets the framework for Information Technology (IT) architecture.

TOGAF strives to adhere to the enterprise architecture strategy as defined in ANSI/IEEE Std 1471-2000.

TOGAF helps IT organizations to make their operations efficient and cost-effective. Leading organizations prefer to hire candidates with TOGAF training and TOGAF Certification who can help them cut software development, support, and maintenance costs and maximize return on existing investment. SpireTec’s TOGAF 9.1 certification training helps you riase your edge in the job market.

Why TOGAF 9 Certification Training?

Now that you know what is TOGAF 9 certification, you might be wondering why you should go for one. SpireTec offers engaging TOGAF Certification Training based on the latest TOGAF course materials and exam patterns. Our TOGAF training helps candidates to learn the global design standards and principles of enterprise architecture methodology, which is practiced by leading enterprises across artificial intelligence systems, the internet of things, consumer technology and consumer electronics, biomedical and health care, and much more.
Our experienced faculty members deliver the TOGAF 9 training classes and help you learn the skills to build and improve a vendor-neutral enterprise architecture with a high emphasis on portability, interoperability, security, and resilience. We do not charge an exorbitant TOGAF certification cost, thereby making our TOGAF 9 training courses a popular choice.

About TOGAF Exam

Once you are done with the TOGAF certification training, you will sit for the exam. To pass the TOGAF foundation exam with flying colours, and earn your TOGAF 9 certification, you have to pass two exams TOGAF Part 1 and TOGAF Part 2. The Part 1 Exam has 40 MCQ (Multiple-choice-questions). Each correct answer scores a single point. The passing score is 55% (22 or more points out of a maximum of 40).
TOGAF Exam Part 2 has 8 complex scenario questions, with gradient scoring. Every correct answer earns 5 points, the second-best answer, 3 points, the third-best answer, 1 point. There is no negative marking for a wrong answer. The passing score is 60% (24 or more points out of a maximum of 40). SpireTec’s TOGAF training amply prepares you for every module that you will tested on in the exam so that the TOGAF exam cost is a one-time expense for you.

TOGAF 9 Certification: Knowledge and Skills Covered

The TOGAF certification training helps you master the following skills and knowledge-areas:

1. The TOGAF Architecture Development Method (ADM)
• Understanding of basic and core concept of ADM
• Ability to develop a reliable ADM architecture
• Skills to address a complex set of requirements with the architecture
• Hands-on experience with the tools for architecture development
• ADM Guidelines and Techniques
• ADM Deliverables

1. The TOGAF Foundation Architecture

Who Should Earn TOGAF 9 Certification?

Information Technology (IT) Architect

An information technology (IT) architect is responsible for the administration of technological components of a business, specifically security architecture and business plans. TOGAF certification training is a good option for them. TOGAF 9 Certification gives you an advantage as organizations nowadays prefer candidates with hands-on experience in architecture planning and management. The average salary for an Information Technology (IT)Architect with TOGAF training Architect in the US economy is $118,128 per year. The TOGAF certification cost you have to bear is nothing compared to this. 

Prerequisites for TOGAF 9 Certification

There are no prerequisites for undergoing TOGAF training and anyone is free to attend this. You just have to prepare the TOGAF exam cost, go through our TOGAF 9.1 certification training and ace the exam. Check out SpireTec’s TOGAF 9 course today!

Full Description

  1. Management Overview
  2. The TOGAF® 9.1 Components
  3. An Introduction to the Architecture Development Method
  4. The Enterprise Continuum
  5. The Architecture Repository
  6. The Architecture Content Framework
  7. The Architecture Content Metamodeling
  8. The Preliminary Phase
  9. Architecture Governance
  10. Business Scenarios
  11. Stakeholder Management
  12. Architecture Views and Viewpoints
  13. Building Blocks and the ADM
  14. Architecture Implementation Support Techniques
  15. Phase A: Architecture Vision
  16. Phase B: Business Architecture
  17. Phase B: Business Architecture – Catalogs, Diagrams, and Matrices
  18. Phase C: Information Systems Architecture
  19. Phase C: Data Architecture
  20. Phase C: Data Architecture – Catalogs, Matrices and Diagrams
  21. The Integrated Information Infrastructure Reference Model
  22. Phase C: Applications Architecture
  23. Phase C: Applications Architecture – Catalogs, Matrices, and Diagrams
  24. Foundation Architecture
  25. Phase D: Technology Architecture
  26. Phase D: Technology Architecture – Catalogs, Matrices, and Diagrams
  27. Migration Planning Techniques
  28. Phase E: Opportunities and Solutions
  29. Phase F: Migration Planning
  30. Phase G: Implementation Governance
  31. Phase H: Architecture Change Management
  32. ADM Requirements Management
  33. Architecture Partitioning
  34. Guidelines for Adapting the ADM: Iteration and Levels
  35. Guidelines for Adapting the ADM: Security
  36. Guidelines for Adapting the ADM: SOA
  37. Architecture Maturity Models
  38. Architecture Skills Framework

Fees & Schedule

Delivery Mode Course Duration Fees
Live Virtual Training 4 Days Ask for Quote
Onsite Classroom Training 4 Days Ask for Quote
Customized Training 4 Days Ask for Quote


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