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Developing Android Apps with Visual Studio 2019 Xamarin Framework Training & Certification Course


Apps built using Xamarin contain standard, native user interface controls. Apps not only look the way the end user expects, but they behave that way too.Apps built using Xamarin have access to the full spectrum of functionality exposed by the underlying platform and device, including platform-specific capabilities like ARKit and Android Multi-Window mode.Apps built using Xamarin leverage platform-specific hardware acceleration, and are compiled for native performance. This can’t be achieved with solutions that interpret code at runtime.Use Visual Studio, a fully-featured and extensible IDE on Windows. Or, use Visual Studio for Mac, a rich IDE for macOS. Both offer UI designers, efficient code editing, debugging and publishing tools, and more.

Build rich native apps using C# and Xamarin with 100% of the native APIs exposed to you. Or push maximum performance using C++ with code that could be reused with iOS or Windows. If you are more comfortable with web technologies we have you covered with Apache Cordova support, enabling you to use HTML/JavaScript.

Full Description

 Getting Started with Xamarin iOS

  • Introduction to Xamarin Framework
  • Native iOS Apps vs Xamarin iOS Apps
  • Setting up Mac OSX Machine
  • Setting up Windows Machine


  • Under the iOS
  1. Overview of iOS Architecture
  2.  AOT
  3. Selectors
  4. Registrars
  5. Available Assemblies: Xamarin.IOS & Xamarin.MAC
  • Creating first Xamarin iOS Project


  • Project Structure Walkthrough
  1.  AppDelegate Class
  2. Info.plist
  3. Entitlement.plist
  4. Storyboard
  5. ViewController


User Interface

  • iOS Designer Basic
  • Form UI Controls
  • Storyboards
  • Layouts
  • Navigation Controllers
  • View Controllers
  • Multiple Story Boards
  • Controls
  1. Alerts
  2. Custom Alert
  3. Buttons
  4. Collection Views
  5. Images
  6. Sliders, Steppers
  7. Text Input
  8. Tab Bar
  9. Web Views


Application Fundamentals

  • Events and Delegates
  • Background
  1. Introduction
  2. Application LifeCycle Demo
  3. Backgrounding in iOS using Tasks
  4. Registering Apps to Run in background
  5. Updating and Application in Background
  6. Background Location
  7. Background Transfer Service
  • Working with Property List
  • Working with Images
  • Working with File Systems
  • Touch
  1. Enabling Touch
  2. Touch Events
  3. Multi-Touch
  4. Touch Location
  5. Gestures: Tap, Pinch, Swipe, Press and Hold
  6. Register Multiple Gestures


Data Access

  • SQLite
  1. Introduction SQLite ORM
  2. Creating Database
  3. Performing Basic CRUD Operation
  • Working with iCloud  
  1. Registering as a iOS Developers
  2. Creating a new App in Apple Store
  3. Configuring Entitlements.plist
  4. Configuring project to work with Cloud App
  5. Storing and Retrieving Values
  • Advance Data Access :iCloud Document Storage (Regular Track Only)
  1. Introduction to Document Storage
  2. iOS Data Storage Guidelines
  3. Creating Document
  4. Finding and Opening Document
  5. Displaying Documents
  6. Saving iCloud Documents
  7. Managing Documents
  8. iCloud Backup



  • Debugging
  • Code Signing and Provisioning
  1. Working with Capabilities
  2. Working with Entitlements
  3. Fastlane Tool Overview: Theory Only
  • App Distribution
  1. App Store
  2. Ad-Hoc Distribution
  3. IPA Support
  • Using Apple Instrumentation Tool
  •  Deployment to Apple Device

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