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55197: Microsoft SharePoint Server 2016 for the Site Owner/Power User Training & Certification Course


What is 55197 SharePoint Server Certification?

55197 SharePoint Training Solution helps site owners, managers, or administrators to develop skills regarding managing a site or a collection of sites. Organizations having SharePoint-based digital properties to manage their operations prefer hiring candidates with SharePoint Server Certification based on the latest Course 55197.

Why SharePoint Training Class

Our SharePoint training class is strictly focused on the latest course and exam pattern of Microsoft. Apart from the theoretical SharePoint Server 2016 course content, you get a live experience of managing SharePoint Site and Site collections. In the SharePoint Training Class, Learn to exercise all tools and features of SharePoint governance, performance, and security to deliver a great user experience to users.

SharePoint Training and certification helps you not just earn the certification but also perform your roles and responsibilities effortlessly as per the organization’s business requirements. Our SharePoint security training helps you respond to critical Internet threats and vulnerabilities with ease adopting the right set of practices and tools.

SharePoint Server Certification 55197 Exam: Skills Measured

• Manage Sites and Site Collections
• Add users and groups and manage the site, list, folder, and item security
• Add and configure web parts
• Configure site options including theme, title, description, and icon
• Configure site navigation
• View site activity reports
• Customize lists and libraries
• Configure Check out/in, Content Approval, and Versioning
• Create and modify pages and web part pages

Who Should Take SharePoint Training and Certification?
SharePoint Training or SharePoint Server Training is highly recommended for the following type of personas or career opportunities:

1. SharePoint Site Owners

SharePoint Security Training helps the owners of sites or sites to deliver the best digital experience and grow their business. It helps them make their sites more engaging, relevant, and useful for users. Know about SharePoint Training and Certification cost.

2. Power BI Users

Power BI users can benefit from the skills learned through the SharePoint training solution. If you are into the integration and implementation of Power BI, use SharePoint expertise to discover new opportunities and challenges through the digital properties.

3. SharePoint Site Collection Administrators

If you administer a collection of SharePoint portals, take the help of our SharePoint training class to know about the up-to-date features and tools of SharePoint. It helps you maintain high availability and stability. SharePoint security training makes it easy for you to apply the best practices.


Have strong SharePoint 2010-2016 end-user skills or have attended the course “55193: Introduction to SharePoint 2016 for Collaboration and Document Management” or similar.

Recommended Course

55215: SharePoint Online Power User

Full Description

 Module 1: The Role of the Site Owner

This module provides an introduction to the topics covered in the class, introduces SharePoint terminology and the role of the Site Owner.


  1.  The Role of the Site Owner
  2.  Work Areas for Site Owners
  3.  Browser Support
  4.  Resources

Lab 1: NA

  •  None.

After completing this module, students will be able to:

  •  Identify who can do what in SharePoint administration.
  •  Navigate to site collection, site, page and list administration pages typically used to administer SharePoint sites.


Module 2: Users, Groups and Permissions

This module covers the management of SharePoint user and content security at the site, list, library, folder and item levels.


  1.  SharePoint Security
  2.  Users and Groups
  3.  Permission Levels
  4.  Inheritance
  5.  Adding and Removing Users
  6.  Creating SharePoint Groups
  7.  Creating Custom Permission Levels
  8.  List and Library Permissions
  9.  Checking Permissions
  10.  SharePoint Security Best Practices

Lab 1: Users, Groups and Permissions

  •  Quiz!
  •  Add new users to a site
  •  Create a permission level for “Add, Edit, but not Delete” 
  • Create a new group for the site
  •  Create a new group for granular permissions
  •  Create a subsite with unique permissions
  •  Set unique permissions on a library and a folder

After completing this module, students will be able to:

  •  Manage SharePoint security using best practices.
  •  Add new users and groups to SharePoint.
  •  Create a custom permission level.


Module 3: Site and Site Collection Features

This module covers the use of SharePoint Features to add and remove functionality for sites and site collections.


  1.  SharePoint Features
  2.  Features for Site Owners
  3.  Features for Site Collection Administrators

Lab 1: Site and Site Collection Features

  •  Quiz!
  •  Add a Feature to Your Site

After completing this module, students will be able to:

  •  Describe the use and scopes of SharePoint Features.
  •  Activate and Deactivate Features for Sites and Site Collections.


Module 4: Managing Sites and Pages

This module explores the creation and configuration of subsites and pages.


  1.  Creating Subsites
  2.  Deleting Subsites
  3.  Changing the Look and Feel
  4.  Site Navigation
  5.  Save Site as Template
  6.  Search Visibility for the Site
  7.  Creating Pages
  8.  Working with Web Parts

Lab 1: Managing Sites and Pages

  •  Quiz!
  •  Create a subsite and add lists and libraries
  •  Customize the home page of the site
  •  Add a web part to the home page

After completing this module, students will be able to:

  •  Describe the use of subsites and pages.
  •  Create, configure and delete subsites.
  •  Create, configure and delete pages.
  •  Configure site navigation.
  •  Save a Team Site as a reusable site template.
  •  Add and configure web parts.


Module 5: Working with Lists and Libraries

This module explains how to create and configure out of the box and custom lists and libraries. It covers how to configure and work with features such as Content Approval, Versioning and Views.


  1.  Creating Lists and Libraries
  2.  Deleting Lists and Libraries
  3.  List Settings
  4.  Viewing Files using Office Online Server
  5.  Content Approval
  6.  Folders
  7.  Search Visibility
  8.  List and Library Versioning Options
  9.  Checking Documents Out and In
  10.  Adding and Configuring Columns
  11.  Column and Item Validation
  12.  Creating Lists by Importing Excel Files
  13.  Creating and Modifying Views

Lab 1: Working with Lists and Libraries

  •  Quiz!
  •  Add Columns to an Existing List
  •  Add an Alert
  •  Configure Content Approval
  •  Configure Versioning
  •  Create a List from an Excel File
  •  Add Custom Views to a List

After completing this module, students will be able to: 

  • Describe the key features of SharePoint Lists and Libraries.
  •  Create and customize lists and libraries.
  •  Configure Content Approval, Versioning, Required to Check Out and other list and library features.
  •  Create and use list and library views.


Module 6: Monitoring Site Activity

This module explores the Site Activity reports available to Site Owners and Site Collection Administrators.


  1. SharePoint Reporting
  2.  Storage Metrics
  3.  Popularity Trends
  4.  Search Reports

Lab 1: NA

  •  None.

After completing this module, students will be able to:

  •  Describe the out of the box reports available to Site Owners and Site Collection Administrators.  Create and save activity reports.


Module 7: SharePoint Apps and Add-ins (Optional)

This module explores SharePoint Apps and Add-ins.


  1.  What is an App?
  2.  What is an Add-in?
  3.  Working with Add-ins
  4.  Adding Add-ins
  5.  The SharePoint Store
  6.  The App Catalog

Fees & Schedule

Delivery Mode Course Duration Fees
Live Virtual Training 2 Days Ask for Quote
Onsite Classroom Training 2 Days Ask for Quote
Customized Training 2 Days Ask for Quote


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