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Analyzing Data with Power BI or using Microsoft Flow

13th Apr 2020
| admin |

Business Intelligence, BI is the main component to be effective, competitive, and agile in this drive. With the growth of businesses, it is not easy to manage the generating data regularly.  It develops for data-driven enterprises a road-block as they wish to employ their data for decision making relating to business.

Who needs this course?

The key audience analyzing data with Power BI is BI professionals. Apart from them, business users who are technically proficient make use of it.


There is a need for professional experience and students attending or planning to get this training are expected to possess technical knowledge:

  • The Microsoft Windows OS basic knowledge and its functionality.
  • Basic programming concepts including branching and looping.

It is also preferred to have awareness of the business key priorities such as profitability, revenue, and financial accounting. Above all, familiarity with Excel, in particular, among the Microsoft Office applications.


Business intelligence systems are now used widely. Analyzing data with power bi helps to analyze data effectively. It helps in discovering useful information, and also in arriving at enhanced decision making, besides suggesting a conclusion.

Microsoft has proven in the technology field its track and has now come ahead by introducing Power BI analytic tools. This is an authoring report tool that allows the organizations to analyze and visualize their data and to transform the operations into success.

A Shrewd Solution

A cloud-based tool is Power BI that needs no support of the infrastructure or capital expenditure, regardless of the business size. The iteration of modern tools has no legacy software constraints and it is not expected of the users to acquire any specialized training to produce insights into intelligence. The Microsoft cloud services, as usual, offers embedded Power BI implementation as trouble-free and rapid.

What is Microsoft Flow training?

This course involves the training to create between your preferred apps and services an automated workflow so that it receives notifications, synchronizes files, collects data, and lots more. Microsoft Flow training teaches to administer and create the flow.

This training of Microsoft Flow gives the users a chance to automate and create workflows across multiple services and applications, without the help of the developer. Thus, these automated workflows are known as flows. The user specifies the action to take place as a specific event happens.

Who should enroll in this course?

Microsoft Flow Training & Certification Course  can be enrolled by applicants:

  • Interested to use Microsoft Flow
  • Content managers, managers, business teams

Learning this course of Microsoft Flow means you get to know the way to create a flow and also the way to use the connectors.

The Microsoft flow training course teaches you to create flows using a template. They also teach you the way of connecting with SharePoint and using mobile apps. Using the Flow mobile app, you will learn to track the working hours, creating approval flow, defining the trigger, set conditions, and adding actions.

Eventually, by the course end, you are sure to become adept in creating and managing Flow using your laptop, desktop, or mobile devices. You will also connect with SharePoint, Facebook, Twitter, and other networking sites.

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