Who we are?

In a competitive market out there, we prioritize to nurture our students with the best. We together a group of industrious trainers strives to make a significant training organization. With our will, we found our way and aim to impart the most productive results in keeping our company on the top-most charts. When you sign up with us, you tend to inherent excellent training and get acquainted with top-notch mentors.

The preparatory journey was not easy, but as we move ahead the amalgamation of various global clienteles made the road smoother. Our team wouldn’t take no for an answer, and served a learning ambiance for the students, thereby increasing our business exponentially. In order to experience the finest training enroll with us and accelerate your ability to learn in an environment that is full of integrity, care, passion, and success.

What do we do?

We offer an exclusive variety of training and certification courses enabling students to push their boundaries and attain excellence. Each of our training class in interactive and students can grasp all the informative knowledge. Our collaboration with outgrowing companies and 100+ global partnerships help us lived some moments of glory, thereby helping us develop a new face in the industry.

With our 12 years of remarkable experience in the industry we are able to put our foot forward and make our students inherent some great qualities which help them stand unique like:

  • Introducing a new definition of success
  • Working with utmost dedication
  • The path is not easy: Be optimistic
  • Say hello to critique
  • Be focused and determined

Why you should choose us?

We try to create a new face by providing the following quality services:

  • We possess top-notch certified trainers for the experience of more than a decade.
  • As per the market needs, we constantly update our courses.
  • We thereby have the list of extensive partners joining us.
  • We also have tie-ups with startups and growing companies.
  • Advance level of training is also provided to our trainers.
  • We have GTR (Guaranteed to run) equipped classes.
  • We share an excellent repo and are associated with 500+ clientele.



The greatest asset to any organization is its clients. We prioritize to transform our good dealerships into great ones by majorly focusing on three grounds, that is, training, education and learning. The ever-changing demands of the customers, make us push our boundaries to work even harder and attain a face of our own in the competitive market.


We design each of our training process with top-notch mentors. They are specialist not only in their respective fields but also portray themselves as real characters by telling their own stories as well. We are always open for your valuable feedback, to improve and progress each day.


“Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.”

The bedrock of our business remains to be the team of exceptionally excellent trainers and mentors. Our 500+ clientele magnificently portrays our collaboration with the outgrowing startups and companies. Why we stand different?

With our perseverance and dedication, we work across the globe with our instructors and help you attain the desired knowledge and skills, and thereby surpass beautifully in your respective field.

Why to Choose SpireTec Solutions

Personalized courses
Personalized courses
Learn from industry experts
Learn from industry experts
Go at your own pace
Go at your own pace
Track your progress
Track your progress
One-to-One doubt resolution
One-to-One doubt resolution
Guaranteed-to-Run classes
Guaranteed-to-Run classes
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    Our Clients Testimonial
    • The method of instructing and the way to explain is excellent and easy to remember. I think he is very good instructor and he is very flexible to take any questions..


    • Instructor was very knowledgeable and very well spoken. For me, the best part of this training course was having a knowledgeable instructor who could answer any of my questions.

      US Army

    • Thank you so much for your time and especially your expertise with us. We really appreciate this discussion session.We gained a lot of technical knowledge today.


    • Thanks Abhishek for all your help and guidence on this training. Excellent Work is done. I checked with team and they are extremly pleased.


    • Mr. Abhishek Kumar displayed thorough knowledge of material. His enthusiasm and energy shined throughout the course.

    • Instructor was able to help me resolve an issue i was having as a real work problem in sharepoint.

    • The instructor was good especially because he has hands on experience on SharePoint.

    • Excellent training with proper support.

    • Instructor was very knowledgeable. Followed course outline in a clear manner and interjected non-course contained material at points in order to clarify. 

    • Instructor was very knowledgeable about the information which was very helpful when it came to answering questions.

    • Instructor was excellent.  He explained the concepts before showing how to do things which was so helpful.  Can't say enough good about him.

    • Abhishek did a great job. Excellent Instructor for BI.

    • The classroom environment was fine.  I did the class from my home.  And, the connection speed was outstanding.Very good instructor.

    • I have completed the course 20778 Analyzing data with Power BI. The instructor Mr. Abhishek Kumar delivered interactive sessions which were impressively informative. He went through the content in detail which showcased that he has a thorough knowledge of the subject matter. 

    • Learned a lot of things and more than I excepted to learn. Was a very nice experience to learn from Abhishek.

      Banque des Mascareignes

    • Excellent and Very Knowledgeable. Highly Recommedded Mr Abhishek for Office 365 Training.

      Banque des Mascareignes

    • The instructor was very welcoming and spent the me so that we could get to know each other. I could tell that the instructor was very knowledgeable on the subject and connuously kept me involved in the conversation.

    • Abhishek was a great instructor. Very knowledgeable, and very nice.

    • Mr. Abhishek was friendly and knows his subject. He helped in sharing every documents, we will need for further studies and exam for Power BI.

      State Informatics Limited

    • The trainig was good and well organized. Very motivated and patience in understanding our questions.

      State Informatics Limited

    • He set up a collaborative medium between instructor and students. You can ask questions and he will give you a presenter view where you can share what you have learnt. Instructor Abhishek Kumar is a terrific subject expert. I recommend it to everyone as well. A job well done! 

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