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A guide on the Importance of ITIL Service Operation Certification

17th Feb 2020
| admin |

Any guess about ITIL service operation certification? The objective of this certification is to assure the IT services are delivered efficiently and effectively. The lifecycle operation stage includes resolving service failures, fulfilling user requests, fixing problems, and carrying out operational tasks on a routine.


The focus is on the implementation and coordination of activities enabling the operation and continuous management of the products and services. The way it is implemented or developed during the design, service strategy, and IT service transition phases, while using the resources and technologies.


Who is it aimed for?

The ITIL service operation certification is for professionals wishing to learn the elements and concepts of the ITIL service lifecycle. This certification allows one to know how this phase assures the IT services quality and how it can be carried out. IT services such as IT architects, managers, CTO, CIO, supervision team, IT auditors, IT consultants, and those in security charge can deal with the activities or the processes of the service operation management.


This course may be of interest to people intending to acquire an Expert or Master level qualification. This course is an opportunity to see principles, concepts, and service operation processes.



Taking part in this Service Operation course of ITIL implies you should have one of the certificates:

  • 2007 to 2011 ITIL foundation
  • ITIL v2 and v3 foundation bridge.


These prerequisites allow taking the exam for ITIL 4 certification.The time duration to complete this course is not much. You can do it as a distant course or in a classroom in 3 days. The online course duration is in many types offering:

  • 12 platform access days
  • 120 platform access days
  • 30 platform access days


In this course, there is an opportunity to learn the processes, the overall concepts, methods, and policies associated with the service lifecycle phase of the service operation. You may concentrate on the purpose of service operation, activities, processes, enabling technology, principles, and implementation considerations.


The main focus in this course areas includes:

  • Access management
  • Event management
  • Request fulfillment
  • Problem management
  • Incident management


The organizational functions in this course include:

  • Technical management
  • Application management
  • Service desk
  • IT operations management


This ITIL 4 certification positions complete the exam. Virtual students receive to schedule at convenience. Students can download their materials for the exam or attend as classroom students. Students lacking time can download the materials on an iPad/tablet or a PC/Mac. The ITIL foundation course completes with certification and there is a need to take at the class end an exam. Clearing of the exam is the certification that is issued.


ITIL is AXELOS limited registered trademark that is under AXELOS limited permission with all rights reserved. The ITIL is an intermediate qualification that represents a service operation certificate. The ITIL certification offers a modular approach to the framework of the ITIL and comprises qualification in a series focusing on different ITIL aspects as the best practice to several detail degrees. It helps to build the required skills.


The ITIL4 updates that are crucial include Integration, customers, service value system, flexibility, and communication.

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