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5 Most Rewarding Careers in Post COVID-19 World

02nd Jun 2020
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Amid the news surrounding economic recession, job loss, layoff, salary cuts, and other disappointing factors, talking about rewarding careers may sound surprising to many, but yes, the new employability normal triggered by COVID-19 is worth getting your attention.

Grappled in COVID-19 Pandemic, where states and economics are encountering locked-down or movability restrictions, the world has realized the worth of Internet and digitalization like never before.

Be it government, business, education, healthcare or any other sphere of life – the nature of employment or job has changed a lot. From for-profits to non-profits –everyone seems to be in the race of adopting the innovation of Information or Technology or transforming their existing infrastructure to become more efficient, more resilience and, ultimately, more profitable or purposeful.

Explore 5 most rewarding careers in Post COVID-19 World

  1. Ethical Hackers/Cyber Security Experts

Driving customer acquisition and customer satisfaction online demands for agile and secure web and mobile applications and IT infrastructures. In the post-COVID-19 world, the investment in IT will increase, but the organizations can reap the ROI (Return on Investment) only when they are able to win the confidence of users. They have to address the growing e-Threats, and privacy concerns, and make users feel confident in using their digital solutions.

Ethical Hackers/Cyber Security Experts are responsible for securing web and mobile applications and servers handling sensitive proprietary corporate information and customer details, comprising personal and financial information. The demand for Certified Ethical Hackers or Cyber Security Experts is most likely to see the new height. Getting trained and certified in ethical hacking or cyber security helps you get the attention of talent heads and employers.

  1. Academic SMEs (Subject Matter Experts)

Teaching is an evergreen profession. The profession has experienced a paradigm shift from On-site Classroom to Virtual Classroom after the outbreak of novel Coronavirus. All leading eLearning platforms are harnessing the advantage of this new normal to get more subscribers or students. However, the biggest concern lies in making the learning courses engaging and interesting.

Training and certification courses in Microsoft Office (Access, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, etc.) can contribute a lot to your teaching career. The demand for Subject Matter Experts with a sound understanding of MS Office and other productive and collaborative software or services has increased. Hiring technology-savvy skilled SMEs eLearning institutions save time and money on getting the hired employees ready to delivery online classes.

  1. Mobile App Developers

Use of mobile applications has increased exponentially since the outbreak of COVID-19. As people stay home, they turn to their mobile phones to perform multiple activities – connect, work, and collaborate with their workplace colleagues, bank, shop, stay entertained, and more. The demand for apps is directly proportional to the demand of those behind its design, architecture, and maintenance. If you are already in the field, besides upskilling with the latest native and cross-platform app development technologies (React Native, Flutter), focus on Machine Learning, Blockchain, etc. that are driving innovation in the app development space. Candidates with these additional skills get paid higher than their counterparts who do not have them.

  1. IT Systems Manager

COVID-19 has encouraged the culture of work from home (WFH). It has witnessed the adoption of new communication collaboration solutions. Handling decentralized data is more challenging than handling the centralized one within the premise of a company.  IT system manager is one of the highest paid job in the world. If you are at the beginning of your career, acquire as much skills and expertise as you can to increase the probability of your selection. Recommended IT courses include CCSP (Certified Cloud Security Professional), CGEIT (Certified in the Governance of IT), and CISA (Certified Information Systems Auditor). The knowledge and certification also helps in furthering your career.

  1. Amazon Web Services Expert

Ensuring on-demand availability of secured and agile cloud-enabled services to end users, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has become a dominant name in cloud computing across all three versions, namely, S-a-a-S, P-a-a-S and I-a-a-S. For the effective use of AWS potentials like compute, storage, database, migration and transfer, networking and content delivery, developer tools, management and governance, analytics, etc., organizations prefer investing in trained and certified AWS professionals. However, pursuing the right AWS Certification based on your interest and scope of work is of paramount importance.

Hope you found the information in the post useful in finding the right direction. Free career consultation is available at SpireTec Solutions to help you take the right step.

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