5 Benefits of Having CISA Certification

18th Jun 2021
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Computer security audits are not an option but an obligation. If you value your stakeholder’s data, want to build an efficient and resilient IT infrastructure, and want to comply with regulations and laws, you can’t skip it anymore. CISA Certification is a globally recognized program to help IT professionals maintain pace with the existing and emerging needs of enterprise computer security. Before you learn the Benefits of Having CISA Certification, here is a quick overview of what the program is.

CISA stands for Certified Information Systems Auditor. It’s created by ISACA. This certification is a must-have for entry to mid-career IT professionals looking who want to advance their career by learning the best practices to audit, control, monitor, and assess the Information technology and business systems of an organization.

#1. Take advantage of the high demand

The employment of information security analysts is projected to grow 31 percent from 2019 to 2029, much faster than the average for all occupations, claims the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. The growth relates to the rise in sophisticated information security or cyberattacks on computer networks, applications, and data. Internet security or cybersecurity is one of the top 10 IT skills that are here to stay. As most of the companies are struggling with the shortage of the right skills, the certification makes your candidature strong.

#2. Make a difference with the right skills

Benefits of having CISA Certification helps you make a difference at any workplace. You learn the advanced skills across the following domains:
1. Information Systems Auditing Process
2. Governance And Management Of IT
3. Information Systems Acquisition, Development, and Implementation
4. Information Systems Operations and Business Resilience
5. Protection of Information Assets

#3: Get a global recognition

One of the major benefits of having CISA Certification is CISA is accredited under ISO/IEC 17024:2012. Its course, practices, and exams confirm the ISO guidelines. It validates your recognition globally across all continents. Whether you wish to work in your country or looking for some amazing opportunities offshore, CISA certification takes you a step closer to a rewarding career of your choice.

#4. Get a competitive salary

The median salary of an information security analyst stood at $103,590 per year and $49.80 per hour in 2020, according to a BLS Occupational Employment and Wage Statistics survey. A median salary is a dividing line between half of the working population occupied in a particular profession who earns higher and lower than it. Of the many benefits of Having a CISA Certification, getting a competitive salary is one and it doesn’t raise a question. You invest to get more and grow, so the skill development with CISA online training and certification makes you a potential candidate for IT recruiters. Companies prefer CISA professionals and are ready to pay more than the rest of the candidates who don’t have it.

#5. Advance your career

If you are an entry-level, or mid-career IT professional, benefit from CISA skills and knowledge and take it to the next level. CISA certification can take you to the senior management roles in the IT security audit and control. Professionals with certification are making a difference to their organizations with the latest world-class audit principles and techniques that protect networks, applications, and data against any breach or unpleasant situation.

The benefits of Having CISA Certification are not limited to what you have read so far only. It earns you respect and appreciation, provided you respect your co-workers and help them grow too. Learn, earn, grow, and most importantly, help others grow as well. That’s how leaders grow!

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