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5 Benefits of Earning Power BI (Business Intelligence) Certification

12th May 2020
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From generating actionable interactive reports mapping the business processes to making those accessible within your organization with SQL Server Reporting Services, Microsoft Power BI (Business Intelligence) helps you perform all. SpireTec Solutions, the leading technology and management training company, explains how training and certification in Power BI can add value to your career growth.

Gain the Attention of Talent Heads

The worth of Business Intelligence (BI) is expected to reach $29.48 million by 2022. The growing adoption of BI for digital business transformation has made it essential for talent acquisition teams, HR professionals, or business heads to hire BI-skilled and certified professionals. The certification is an endorsement and testimony to your expertise of playing with actionable data, and helps you make your way to their list of short-listed or successful candidates for hiring.

Create Well-Defined Business Processes for a Quick Win

In a fast-paced economy, it’s important for businesses to optimize their processes to speed up delivery reducing bottlenecks. Fortunately, Power BI comes as a great rescue. What could be the better way to understand this situation than the current Coronavirus Pandemic? Business heads from banking, education, retail, etc., quickly updated their online digital platforms to continue their services uninterruptedly with zero-contact mode.

Power BI helps in decoding the past experiences including success, failure, bottlenecks, and much more to help you laid the foundation of your optimized business processes.  From driving innovation and production to marketing and sales, to customer service and getting customer feedback – Power BI can do wonders everywhere. Analyzing the data effectively from all the business processes, you can create a solid roadmap to win in a competitive economy and most importantly against odds prevailing.

microsoft power bi training and certification course"

Create a BI Roadmap with Achievable Goals

Your thoughts and actions must corroborate with the goals you define. Power BI helps you create a clear timetable, and list of milestones by timeline. Perform all this with sophistication and accuracy. BI platform from Microsoft can access data from hundreds of supported on-premises and cloud-based sources, such as Dynamics 365, Salesforce, Azure SQL DB, Excel, and SharePoint. Need inputs from other team members? Of course, you can work together.   The data keeps refreshing automatically. You do not have to worry even if you worked last week on the report, and need to give a presentation today. Power BI Desktop enables you to develop deep, actionable insights for a broad range of scenarios.

Keep Measuring Achievements or Progress

Consistently monitoring the progress – this is what intelligent people and organizations do to ensure they are on the right track. Microsoft Business Intelligence (BI), packed with performance measurement and data query and modeling tools, helps you create interactive reports with visual analytics revealing the progress of each process.  Import data easily from different business processes effortlessly, ask inputs of your team members, and share the report with anyone over mobile or desktop. Keeping everyone in the loop helps with better on-time decision-making.

Contain Risk and Build Risk Management Strategy

Creating one-of-a-kind data visualization featuring powerful actionable insights with Microsoft Business Intelligence, you can sense or predict risks before they strike.

This helps with taking corrective measures to contain or minimize the damage building an efficient risk management strategy. If you succeed in doing this, you are bound to garner praises from all quadrants. Increasing your value, you make yourself a strong candidate when it comes to choosing someone for a higher role.

Gain a competitive edge in creating customized visuals and deliver a reliable analysis of vast amount of data using Power BI. We help you gain hands-on experience in using the latest Power BI features and tools.

Request a free demo of Power BI Certification Training courses now!

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